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Our data studio automatically processes inconsistent and incomplete data to give you cleaned, normalized, and structured data ⁠— 100% machine readable.

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Does your business suffer from missing or unclean product information?

Unclean data is information that is not consistently comparable: here the color is called "blue", there "aquamarine". Is "8192 MB" storage as much as "8 Gigabyte"? And why does it say next to "operating system" only "No Information", even though the manufacturer only makes products with "Android"? If customers are unsure if a product offers what they need, they will quickly move along.

If your customer is not able to find a product using your shop's product search, it will cost you sales – unclean data is often the root of this problem.

Automatic data cleansing with the SEMKNOX Data Studio will solve your problem without the use of cost intensive human resources.

How Data Studio Works

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    Your source can be JSON, XML, or CSV. You also have the option of directly connecting your system over a REST API.

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    Data Parsing

    Unclean data is often characterized by unclear relationships and unstructured free text.

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    Our system automatically eliminates typical spelling mistakes when your data is imported.

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    Distinct, machine readable attribute-value pairs are created from your cleansed master data.

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    According to your requirements, all numeric values are normalized into comparable units.

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    Additional sources and our intelligent ontology provide you with further information.

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How Data Studio Improves Your Data

Automatic Integration

It doesn't matter which format your raw data is in – Data Studio will process it. The extraction is done in no time and if you add new data or sources it will always be refreshed (with an API connection, completely automatically!) Your data will be processed by our rule-based system according to your specifications. This ensures your newly updated product data is always in good shape.

Attributes and Values

Your source data will be consolidated into a new data collection. In this step, your data will go through the rule-based data cleansing process that has been configured for your individual needs. This produces distinct and clean attribute-value pairs, which are fully machine readable and thus the optimal basis for modern web applications.

The Ontology as New Structure

The basis of the newly cleansed data is a more contemporary data structure that replaces the totally outdated table. Using branches and categories, we create an ontology for you – a structure with roots in machine learning. The ontology is flexible, scalable, and above all, multidimensional, which makes it possible to organize an infinitely high information density. Attributes that are shared by multiple product groups, such as color or material, only need to be added once and are then available globally.

Logic & Intelligence

The new, clean, structured data in your own ontology stands on the strong and experienced shoulders of a giant: the SEMKNOX ontology. This ontology has grown over years and contains an enormous network of connections between products and their attributes. We can use our ontology to augment your data, fill gaps in product attributes, and recognize and remove incorrect information and spelling mistakes.

Metadata & Customization

The connections contained in your ontology continuously grow and improve thanks to our cloud service. You can use the SEMKNOX Data Studio to define rules and further customize your data. Metadata (e.g. ranking, sorting, or inheritance of attributes) is another strength of the ontology that can be applied to your data.

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With clean data, so much becomes possible…

Your new, cleaned data structure can serve as the basis for modern web applications, such as a semantic product search or chatbots. Voice input with natural language creates new possibilities and promotes accessibility.

Automatic text generation uses your data to write SEO-optimized product descriptions and articles that enrich your content and increase your visibility online. Translation of your data can be done fully automatically.


  • Data Analysis

    Overview of your current

  • Bundle Management

    Automatic recommendation of the
    perfect accessory for a product

  • Free Text Parsing

    Ontological processing of
    unstructured information

  • Ontology Editor

    Creation and maintenance of your own
    ontology based on your requirements

  • Internationalization

    Your data feed can be transformed into
    another language

  • Supplier Data Entry

    Preparation of product data according to
    a fixed schema

  • Feed Integration

    Consolidating different
    feeds into a master data feed

  • Data Cleansing

    Automatic normalization and
    cleansing of product data

  • PDF Parsing

    Extraction from unstructured
    information found in PDF files

  • Simple Data Transfer

    Your category tree and attributes
    turned into new ontology concepts

Your Benefits

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Our Service


SEMKNOX experts can train your team with comprehensive, personalized workshops covering the integration and use of the SEMKNOX Data Studio in your company. This ensures you will be well prepared to use Data Studio on your own.

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Full Service

SEMKNOX integrates the Data Studio into your system. According to your specifications, we completely configure data studio, create the ontology, and process your data. You receive finished, cleansed data sets.

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Proof of Concept

We will be happy to work with you on a concrete project. All data processing steps including the ontology will be configured for you. Afterwards we will hand the entire workflow over to your inhouse team.

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Cloud Service

Our Data Studio augments the web resources of your online shop with the high-performance SEMKNOX Cloud. This ensures optimal scalability and redundancy. You don't have to worry about software maintenance – we make sure that everything is always up-to-date and that you benefit from the latest software features.


All SEMKNOX cloud servers are in Germany and offer you reliable availability according to your needs. We use the highest Data Encryption Standard for data transfer and conform to DSGVO when it comes to processing personal data.

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Data Processing as a Package Solution

Put your trust in the data specialists behind SEMKNOX and let our data studio take on the burden of data improvement for you.

Control & Analysis – One Stop Solution

SEMKNOX analyzes product data from innumerable categories every single day and has ample experience preparing ontologies. Let our team process your data thoroughly and precisely.

Passion, Competence &

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We want you to be happy with our service and we hope our automatic processes make work easier for your colleagues.


SEMKNOX Data Studio helps well-known online shops and agencies obtain a better data structure.
You can find many more on our References page.

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