SEMKNOX - Semantics for E-Commerce

Semantic Product Search

Precise Category Detection

Product categories can be found under numerous names. Since the customer will not always use your shop’s vocabulary, it is important that synonyms lead to the same results.

Your customers should find the same products whether they search for “notebook” or “laptop.”  When they type “TV with WiFi” they should find the right TVs and no WiFi routers.

Intelligent Sorting

Our results are sorted automatically according to the best criteria. If a customer searches for “cheap high heels” the shoes are sorted from least to most expensive, but if she searches for “high heel boots” the shoes are sorted from highest to lowest heel height.

Factors such as sales rank, availability, etc., can also be taken into account.

Semantic for Better Understanding

SEMKNOX has the only semantic product search. With our ontology we can understand what the customer wants – like an actual salesperson. This means customers can find the right products even when their wishes are less concrete, such as “thin smartphone”, “big monitor” or “light jacket”.

Semantics and artificial intelligence make it possible.

Filter and Sort

After generic search queries such as “sweater”, “washing machine”, or “camera” you surely want to give your customers the option to further limit the search results. Our filtering and sorting options allow for quick navigation through large result lists.

The showstopper: filtering and sorting is automatic.

Blazing Fast

Did you know that one second of loading time can reduce conversion by up to 7%? Our search answers queries in under 30 milliseconds. If you could type fast enough, you could get up to 33 results per second!

This increases not only conversion, but also customer satisfaction.

Kampagnen und Weiterleitungen

If you have special landing pages you want to forward visitors to for certain queries, you can easily do so with our flexible mapping tool, which gives you full control over the results.

You can also use the mapping tool to simply rewrite queries. For example, if you don’t carry the brand “Bosch”, you can simply redirect this query to “AEG”!

Synonyms, Hypernyms, Homonyms

It’s all Greek to you? No problem, thanks to our detailed product ontology we understand your customer regardless of how they express themselves. “Denim jacket” and “jean jacket” may not sound similar, but semantically they are the same.

Our search speaks your customer’s language.

Fault tolerance and Spelling Correction

Approximately 10% of your visitors make spelling mistakes when typing their search terms. With a fault-tolerant search that corrects spelling mistakes immediately you make it that much easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for.

Our search also lets the customer know his or her query has been corrected.

Clean SEO friendly URLs

SEMKNOX values transparency. URLs should not contain cryptic filter names like “&f_p123=[78,98]”. Our search URLs are human readable. 

Just guess what you will find behind this URL:! (English: chocolate-valentines-day-under-40-euros)

The customer feels understood

Do you know the feeling of looking at a result list and thinking it does not have anything to do with your query? Our search technology explains how the results came to be and shows the requested features as little flags on the products.

This transparency significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Feature Products

Do you have a product you want to feature or that you need to clear from your inventory? Or do you have products that are currently out of stock but nonetheless should appear at the end of the result list?

This is all no problem because SEMKNOX lets you feature products or simply add them at the end – you can easily adjust this via the feed or back office.

Executive-style Back Office

True to our motto Search as a Service, we want to take over all the search related tasks for you. In our back office you can see an executive summary of the most important search-related figures, so you can keep an eye on search performance.

Should there be an issue, you can simply use our ticket system to let us know.

Integration without Programmers

You have limited IT resources? Your programmers are fully booked for the next several months? Perfect, because with our JavaScript search, you only need to add one line of code to your website.

This can be done completely without programming knowledge using your tag manager. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, we do the rest.