SEMKNOX - Semantics for E-Commerce


The challenge for was to deliver high performing and accurate search suggestions. Ideally, visitors should arrive on the relevant product detail page or category page directly from the search suggestions. To achieve this, we worked with billiger to develop four types of search suggestions:

  1. Concrete product recommendations, for example “iPhone 6s” when the customer types “iph”
  2. Category suggestions, for example “washing machine” und “top load washer” when the customer enters “wash”
  3. Category + feature, for example “TV 65 inch from Samsung” – When a suggestion is clicked, it does not simply execute a search, but rather the customer is sent directly to the category page filtered to show all TVs from Samsung that are 65 inches wide. This is one instance where SEMKNOX can really show off its strength in semantic search.
  4. Autocomplete search, for example “iPhone 6s” when the customer enters “ipho”

SEMKNOX creates all search suggestions for the entire portal and its mobile apps.

Foto Koch is a long established and innovative off- and online shop specializing in photography. With Foto Koch the challenge was to incorporate the expert knowledge of the seller into the search. The search is used by both visitors to the online shop as well as by salespeople directly in the store, so it must understand technical input, such as “DSLR with large sensor”. Since SEMKNOX offers Search as a Service Foto Koch can request changes to the search logic without having to use its own resources.

Chocolissimo is an especially sweet online shop. The challenge with Chocolissimo was integrating the search into a shop that does not use any of the usual POS systems. Chocolissimo avoided this issue by using the SEMKNOX JavaScript search. Just one line of code was all it took to integrate the search and search suggestions into the shop.

Another unique feature is Chocolissimo’s filters. The chocolate and pralines can be filtered not only bycocoa percentage, alcohol content, and ingredients but also by occasions such as Mother’s Day or Easter. Moreover, the JavaScript integration makes it possible to create clean URLs, so that pages can be shared over social media or linked to in blog entries in a SEO friendly format. For example, the following URL makes it clear what one can expect from the results: (English: “s-easterchocolate”)

Emmas Enkel is an innovative omni-channel concept in the grocery industry. Customers can shop offline in the stores or order their groceries online from Emmas Enkel wanted to make it possible to shop with as few clicks as possible. To achieve this, we developed a special feature for their search that allows products found via the search to be added to the shopping cart directly from the search suggestions. After all, the customer does not really need to see the product detail page for a banana before he or she puts it in the shopping cart.

Ziegler is a B2B shop that sells all kinds of metal products for outdoor use. Ziegler needed a better search that could be seamlessly integrated into their existing and highly customized POS system. Using the SEMKNOX API Ziegler’s development team was able to integrate our search without having to make any serious modifications to their current system.

Gefro sells primarily soups, sauces, and spices. The challenge with their shop was to deliver their vast array of content in the search results. In addition to their products, Gefro also offers recipes, an ingredient dictionary, and various service pages. For this reason Gefro uses the SEMKNOX Site Search 360, a fast content search engine with ontology support and intelligent suggestions. Like the SEMKNOX JavaScript search, the Site Search can be implemented in the front end or via the tag manager in a matter of minutes.