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Complete resolution of a search query through an intent-based and ontology-supported data system. Achieve more conversions and a lower bounce rate through better search results.

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Visualization of the semantic product search

The search that understands your customers

Detect what the user really wants

The SEMKNOX product search breaks down queries semantically and understands every last detail. As a result, only the most relevant results are shown, fully automatically and without manual intervention from the administrator. This is made possible by an advanced architecture of product classification based on the SEMKNOX product ontology.

Vagueness & Spelling Mistakes

Slang or imprecise phrasing is understood and translated into attributes that match what the product catalogue can deliver. The bounce rate decreases. Spelling mistakes are corrected — of course with a friendly explanation.


You do not have to train the SEMKNOX search to recognize synonyms. Our product ontology already knows tons of alternate spellings and names for a huge number of product types. Your existing requirements are addressed during onboarding. This enables our search to reliably return a large number of correct results for queries where conventional search solutions would fail.

Numerical Values

Numbers and units are automatically normalized to make it easier to find the right products, no matter how their technical features are formatted — cm? Inches? It doesn't matter. This means you will find the right TV, whether you search for an 80 cm TV or 32 inch TV. With disambiguation we can even determine whether 32 GB is referring to built-in storage or additional storage.

It's simple … more & better results

The SEMKNOX product search gives you an immediate advantage. Your customers will find it much easier to find the products they want, and your product range will get an immediate upgrade without any manual effort. The visitors to your shop will thank you when they can find what they are searching for and they will be glad to come back.

Visualization of the semantic product search
Book your demo now Your product search starting at as little as $200 / month

Better Output

Output Visualization
  1. 1

    Semantic URL

    Our product search only generates readable URLs. Better for people and for search engines.

  2. 2

    Intelligent Sorting

    The example query is focused on a specific feature. Our sorting orders the results according to the user's wishes and emphasizes the important feature with a flag.

  3. 3


    Your customers can narrow down the results with understandable filter settings.

  4. 4

    Correct Variations

    Products available in multiple variations will immediately display the version that fits the search query. This improves the conversion rate by showing the customer the correct product in the search results before he or she even navigates to the product detail page.

More Control


Our semantic product search's powerful mapping editor offers numerous ways to control your search results. With redirects you can link queries to any page you want, for example to special landing pages. This also makes it possible to suggest alternatives to brands you do not carry. Mappings can also be connected to complex triggers and of course they can also be set to run for a specific time, such as during a marketing campaign.


You have total control over the weighting and ordering of products – in a snap with Drag & Drop. You can give your store brands a boost or push products with delivery delays to the end of the result list. It is possible to test these customized rankings with an A/B test.


It is also possible to optimize your search results based on user groups. This makes it possible to show certain products only to specific user groups. It is also possible to set different prices for each product and each user group.


You always have concrete data to help you optimize your search. Our back office offers comprehensive analysis of how your search is used. Thanks to these search insights, you will see early on what areas still need to be improved and which customizations have performed well.

Book your demo now Your product search starting at as little as $200 / month

The secret to a successful search

The SEMKNOX product search is based on a modern and powerful form of data structure: the ontology. Unlike a table, the ontology is multidimensional and infinitely adaptable. It contains all relations, logical connections, and metadata – every little detail relevant to the product world. You do not have to lift a finger when it comes to caring for the ontology – we have already done everything for you.


  • Filters

    Narrow down results
    easily & clearly

  • Highlights

    Relevant products will be
    ranked higher

  • Voice Search Ready

    For new use cases and

  • Autosuggestions

    Search suggestions in real time,
    during typing

  • Sorting

    Automatically sort results
    based on the intent of a query

  • Spelling Correction

    Typos are corrected automatically,
    fitting results are displayed

  • Multilingual

    Unlock new markets
    through additional languages

  • Fast Integration

    Connect via feed,
    multifeed, or API

  • Content Search

    Add value with results from your
    blog, guidebook, etc.

  • Responses

    Feedback text explains
    how the results were selected

  • Navigation

    Product pages can be sorted and ranked
    even if accessed via your site navigation

  • Performance

    Fast response times for a
    stress-free shopping experience

  • Quick Updates

    Complete, incremental, and partial
    product updates

Book your demo now Your product search starting at as little as $200 / month

Integration & Onboarding

There are three options for integration in your shop – for two of them, you don't even need a developer. We will walk you through every step of the process with our thorough onboarding. With us, you will have more conversions and a lower bounce rate in no time!

JavaScript Plugin

The quickest and easiest method: you are just one line of code away from your new search. Our plugin takes care of the rest.

Shop Extensions

As a fully integrated solution for ready-made shop systems, we offer extensions for Magento and Shopware.

API Access

For full control and even faster product maintenance, we allow connection via HTTP REST API.

Search as a Service

We are here for you

We will walk you through the integration of the SEMKNOX product search and answer all your questions. Our service team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your running online shop continuously has the best search results and the highest search performance.

Cloud Service

Our Product Search augments the web resources of your online shop with the high-performance SEMKNOX Cloud. This ensures optimal scalability and redundancy. You don't have to worry about software maintenance – we make sure that everything is always up-to-date and that you benefit from the latest software features.


All SEMKNOX cloud servers are in Germany and offer you reliable availability according to your needs. We use the highest Data Encryption Standard for data transfer and conform to DSGVO when it comes to processing personal data.


Search as a Service – a Package Solution

Our search solution is tailored to your needs. We will guide you through the integration and will continue to support you when your new search is live. Every customer becomes a unique, carefully and thoughtfully executed project.

Control & Analysis – One Stop Solution

Under control: you have never had so much control over your search, results, sorting, and powerful analytics. All in one clear interface – supported by the unique power of our ontology.

More than just a search – ready for the future

You are getting more than just a revolutionary product and content search. Our automated data preparation frees you from manual product maintenance and prepares you for the AI-supported future.

Talk to us Your product search starting at as little as $200 / month

Our Customers

The SEMKNOX product search helps well-known online shops achieve higher conversions and more satisified customers.
You can test our technology in use in the shops below. You can find many more on our References page.

Case Studies

Book your demo now Your product search starting at as little as $200 / month