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Foto Koch is a tradition-rich and innovative off- and online shop dealing with everything photography related. The biggest challenge with Foto Koch was getting the expert knowledge of a salesman into the search. The search is used both by visitors to the online shop and by salespeople directly in the store and must therefore understand technical input, such as "DSLR with big sensor." Since SEMKNOX functions as search as a service, Foto Koch can request specific changes to the search without having to dedicate their own resources for this.

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Chocolissimo is an especially sweet online shop. Our challenge with Chocolissimo was to integrate the search into a shop that wasn't operating on a common shop system. Chocolissimo was able to avoid this problem entirely with the SEMKNOX JavaScript search. They only needed to embed a single line of code into the shop to start using the search and search suggestions.

Filters are another distinguishing feature of Chocolissimo. Their chocolates and pralines can be filtered not only by cacao and alcohol content as well as ingredients, but also by occasion, such as Mother's Day or Easter. Furthermore, the JavaScript integration made "speaking URLs" possible, so that these SEO-friendly links could be shared on social media or used in blog posts. The following example URL quickly makes it clear what one could expect from the results: chocolissimo.de/s-easter-chocolate

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Gravis is an authorized Apple dealer. When searching for devices with many configuration options (like a MacBook), filtering by features such as display resolution, price, and processor speed becomes especially important. They also implemented our super fast JavaScript search so that customers only have to wait the blink of an eye before they see results.

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The German online shop of Casio is supported by search results from the SEMKNOX API. The detailed product information makes it easy for the search to deliver precise results. The challenge was more so finding specific products even when the article numbers were written differently, for example "BA1119AER" instead of the correctly formatted "BA-111-9AER".

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Emmi Nail is a shop for nail polish and artificial nails. Emmi Nail uses the SEMKNOX Magento search, which in addition to increased precision and recall, has the advantage that queries are answered more quickly. Particularly for Magento shops, poor performance can really become a problem that negatively affects the conversion rate of a shop.

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Ziegler-Metall is a B2B shop selling every kind of metal product for the outdoors. Ziegler needed a better search solution that would seamlessly integrate with its existing, customized shopware system. With the help of the SEMKNOX API Ziegler's development team was able to integrate our search without big adjustments to the existing system.

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Rockabilly Rules is a shop for the rock ’n‘ roll lifestyle. The fast SEMKNOX JavaScript search is running in this shop too and you can see just how well the design of the search can be adjusted to fit the shop's own style.

The challenge with Rockabilly Rules was to recognize additional features in the product description to make queries like men's striped tshirt possible.

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Gefro Reformversand sells primarily soups, sauces, and seasonings. To provide them with the perfect search solution, we also had to deliver results from their large selection of content. In addition to their products, they have recipes, an ingredient dictionary, service pages, and other content that should be searchable. For this reason, Gefro uses SEMKNOX Site Search 360. SS360 is a fast content search with ontology support and intelligent search suggestions. Like the SEMKNOX JavaScript search, Site Search 360 can be implemented in just a few minutes.

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The challenge for billiger.de was to deliver powerful and extremely accurate search suggestions. In the best case scenario, the searcher should land on the product detail page or category page directly from the search suggestions. To achieve this, we teamed up with billiger.de to develop four types of search suggestions:

  1. Concrete product suggestions, e.g. "iPhone 6s" when a customer types in "iph"
  2. Category suggestions, e.g. "washing machine" and "top-loading washer" when the customer types in "wash"
  3. Category + Feature, e.g. "TV 65 inch from Samsung" – when such a suggestion is selected, the customer lands directly on the filtered category page with all TVs that fit the requirements. This use case really lets the semantic strengths of SEMKNOX shine.
  4. Autocomplete search, e.g. "iPhone 6s" when the customer types in "ipho"

SEMKNOX provided all search suggestions for the billiger.de portal and mobile apps until May 2018.

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And more…

Our Customers: Koffer24.de, Lidl, Defshop, Dodenhof, Werkstatt-King.de, Gravis, Offidus, Tierarzt24.de, Kabs, Schulranzenwelt.de, FrontTool, Foto Erhardt, Boxspringwelt, Rockabilly Rules, AC-Foto, Springlane, Kodi, Fotokoch