About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that machines in the future will constantly get better at understanding people and their needs. While Google, Apple, and Microsoft have recognized this trend long ago, this understanding has not yet reached online shopping. We want to change this with our intelligent, semantic product search and bring online shops into the future.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in semantics, artificial intelligence, and ontologies. Together we have the perfect mix of innovative, research-oriented thinking and pragmatic ability to execute necessary for the e-commerce market.

The team behind   SEMKNOX

  • Dr David Urbansky
    Dr David Urbansky CEO / Co-founder
  • Simon Schabel
    Simon Schabel CMO / Co-founder
  • Sebastian Sprenger
    Sebastian Sprenger CTO / Co-founder
  • Erik Schimanek
    Erik Schimanek Software Developer
  • Crystal Schlegelmilch
    Crystal Schlegelmilch Knowledge Engineer
  • Jaroslav Vaňkát
    Jaroslav Vaňkát Software Engineer
  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas Sales
  • Olesya Elfimova
    Olesya Elfimova Customer Support
  • Abbie Wu-Hartwig
    Abbie Wu-Hartwig Customer Support
  • Michal Kowalski
    Michal Kowalski Software Engineer
  • Tobias Herrmann
    Tobias Herrmann Software Engineer
  • Jewels
    Jewels Wellness Coach

Our Investors

  • High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • WestTech Ventures
  • m-pathy
  • ESF
  • Dresden exists