SEMKNOX - Semantics for E-Commerce

About Us

The team behind the product search

Our philosophy

We believe that machines in the future will constantly become better at understanding people and their needs. While Google, Apple, and Microsoft have long recognized this trend, this understanding is not at all present in online shopping. We want to change this with our intelligent, semantic product search and bring the future into online shops.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in the field of semantics, artificial intelligence, and ontologies. Together we have the perfect combination of innovative, research-based thinking and pragmatic implementation skills for the e-commerce market.


Dr. David Urbansky
CEO / Founder

With his passion for semantics, search, and machine learning, David is responsible for search algorithms in addition to running the company.

Simon Schabel
CMO / Founder

Simon leads our sales team. Thanks to his technical background, he can assist clients from the first meeting until completed integration.

Sebastian Sprenger
CTO / Founder

Sebastian is in charge of developing the SEMKNOX product ontology and is our expert for feed optimization in online shops.

Erik Schimanek

Erik is an all-around talent. From ontology management to search filter tuning to service administration and performance monitoring he has everything under control.

Crystal Schlegelmilch

Crystal is our chief ontologist. She manages our numerous product categories and features. A semantic search is only as good as the ontology it is based on!

Felix Pistorius

Felix monitors and improves our clients’ data quality. If features are missing in a product description, Felix can often conjure them up.

Jaroslav Vaňkát

Jaro is developing the Site Search 360 frontend technology and helps within the second level support for our customers.

Olesya is supporting all the customers of Site Search 360 with the integration of our content search solution.

Our Investors

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